Public Art Proposals with Perspective - Critical public response for high schoolers.
Significant Objects - Two-stage mixed media and collage lesson for 3rd grade.
Artists Create New Categories - Conceptual art (and painting) for 4th graders.
Reading an Image - Chinese hand scrolls and panorama. 4th grade.
Appropriating Antiquity - Remixing and recontex-tualizing Greek art. 3rd grade.
Brightness Out of Darkness - Palekh paintings, contrast, pattern, and line. 1st grade.
Patterns & Portraits - Mixed media printmaking and portraiture with 6th graders.
Complex Colors, Complex Feelings - Intermediate and analogous colors. 3rd grade.
Small Things are Powerful in Large Numbers - Stampmaking for 4th graders.
Symmetry in Nature - Pastel transfer and resist for 3rd graders.
Pixels and Pebbles - Mosaic and abstraction for 4th graders.
Changing History - Two-stage speculative architecture lesson for 4th graders.

A series of modules co-authored for VCU's CurrentLab for teaching video game design in an arts context.

AGENT - A series of on-line art lessons (secondary or post-secondary) centered around agency in the new-media landscape.

A one-year secondary art curriculum oriented around the idea of artmaking as dialogue.

A K-5 curriculum proceeding through a series of metaphoric and conceptual spaces.
SUBMIT: System Opacity and Student Agency in the New Media Landscape exemplar e-text for VOKE.
Bringing Forth Creativity: The Role of Art Education in Fostering Creative Thought, in Topics in Arts Integration: A National Coalition for Arts Integration (executive summary (PDF))
Green Screen - Web-based video lesson on greenscreen in iTunes.
Bakhtin's Dialogic Webland - Interactive Web thing outlining the thinking of Mikhail Bakhtin.
The Freud Zone - Interactive Web thing outlining the thinking of Freud. With Jesse White.