[This kilt is really itchy without BVDs...where the smeg are my BVDs, anyway?!]
Copyright 1999 Luke Meeken

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Greetings, all you deranged, bloodshot-eyed denizens of cyberspace. This, if you have not yet guessed, is my website. Or one of them, at any rate. In any case, those coming here may have a few questions about this site, and here is as good a place to answer them as any:

What will I find here? Will it excite me? Will it bring to a higher level of consciousness, a mental state, if you will, that allows me to leave this plane and commence an erethreal existence?

My, little Obediah, that sure is a poser. Let me try breaking the question into seperate parts. Now, at this site, you'll find samples of my artwork, which spans cartoons, manga, caricatures, and other miscellaneous styles, in a variety of media. You'll also find a selection of my finest rants and ravings, accented with a personal profile and links. As for the higher plane of existence, well, from my limited knowledge, said plane is located in Darwin, Minnesota, precariously aligned with another little landmark upon which the fabric of the unvierse is balanced.


The twine ball. Idiot.

Banana studio? What the smeg are you on?

The title in question is not 'banana,' but 'bakana' a rather fitting word, considering the site's content and creator. Find a Japanese-English dictionary and look it up, Sam.

What is that horrible music, and why in the good lord's name won't it stop?!

It's The Famous Polka, by They Might be Giants, and it won't stop because your computer hates you.

And over here, a BRIEF overview of the site:
  • Clicking on the link above will access the control panel. Using it, you can go to the rest of the site.
  • The rest of the site contains: my art, my ranting, my bio, and my links
  • THIS

    is Max Headroom, or a reasonable fascimile. He's your host, he hangs out on the control panel, and he tells you what all the buttons do. Don't mess with his hair. If you don't know where Max Headroom is from, then may I suggest tapping your temple lightly with a ball peen hammer until you do.
  • THIS

    is Yoshida. He has fine sauces. He relates in no way whatsoever to the site, but as the great Greek weightlifting philosopher Brachius Tyrannus said before being publicly flogged, "A website is nary complete without Yoshida's fine sauces."
  • And for all you guys who had the guts to read all the way to the bottom of the page, here's a special present. A great practical joke:
    [My pal Rob reminded me that this was HIS little joke.  So, lemme just credit it to him:  This joke courtesy of Rob.  There. Done.]

    Just print this out, cut along the dotted lines, and paste it over the eyes of your best friend's dog, cat, or little sister! When they see their pet running around with X's for eyes, they'll think it's dead, and have a fit!

  • Perpetually under construction, AND having a nervous breakdown at the same time!